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Speech at Beiyang Lecture Hall - Tan Xuguang: My Past Decade!


  On June 11, Tan Xuguang, chairman of Weichai, was invited to make a keynote speech of “What have I done in this decade?” in Beiyang lecture hall of Tianjin University. He shared Weichai’s globalization road, and how to be an excellent entrepreneur.

  This is Tan Xuguang’s second speech in Beiyang lecture hall. Post-90s students on site were thrilled to communicate with Tan Xuguang face to face, as well as moved by Tan Xuguang’s magnificent experience and struggling course of “creating dream, chasing dream, and accomplishing dream”.

  In the past decade, Weichai focused on its main business, and created many brilliant achievements. Among these, the most brilliant one is that Weichai’s overseas business has made a historical breakthrough and finished global strategic layout.

  A wise leader is necessary for enterprise going out of their motherland and operating around the world. Tan Xuguang proposed a logic model of “internationalization”, and carried out “European trilogy” and “North American double feature”. By now, the overseas enterprises of Weichai are all successfully integrated. This kind of achievement is unique in the industry.

  The entrepreneur’s height determines enterprise’s height. As an excellent entrepreneur, Tan Xuguang endowed Weichai with excellent characteristics: attentive and persistent, sensitive, sense of hardship, spirit of adventure, and broad mind.

  Tan Xuguang shared his view of life value with the students:Where there is dream, there is success, dream is the greatest motivation, my life is always “creating dream, chasing dream, and accomplish dream.”Money is earned, and it did not come from doing nothing. Pays are always in proportion to gains. Hard-won success makes people cherishing.Weichai is dreaming of the revenue of hundred billion dollars. My greatest dream is to accomplish Weichai’s 2020-2030 strategy.

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