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Advance into the global high-end market | Weichai obtains Euro VI (D) certification


Recently, Weichai WP7 series diesel engine successfully obtained the EU Euro VI (D) emission certification, which indicates that Weichai obtained the first pass in the EU market where the new emission regulations have just been implemented.

The Euro VI (D) emission standard is the latest EU emission standard and will come into effect on September 1, 2018. Following the certification of China VI B for heavy-duty diesel engines, Weichai has successfully obtained the Euro VI (D) certification, which fully demonstrates the strong technical research and development strength of Weichai. At present, Weichai has a number of engines that have obtained EU Euro VI, US EPA certification, and have an EPA-approved engine test bench, paving the way for Weichai to enter the global high-end market.

Weichai engines won the recognition of customers with its strength, which not only promoted the emission regulation escalation in China, but also played an important role in the international high-end market, setting an example for Chinese engines to go global. 


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