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Weichai High-End Marine Power Debuts at Marintec China 2017


On December 5, the Marintec China 2017 opened in Shanghai. Weichai brought WH620 dual-fuel engine for marine application, CW250 dual supercharged marine engine, WP10 series electronic-controlled marine diesel engine, and CCFJ300J-WI electronic diesel generator units, as well as Weichai’s Baudouin M55/12M26.3 engine and Linde marine hydraulic system to attend the event.

Following four years of development, Weichai’s Baudouin M26.3 series electronic-controlled engine came out in 2015, and certified by EPA in 2016, leading to a ticket for access to the world’s most high-end market.

For Baudouin M55 series engine with a rated power/speed up to 2165 (kW)/1800 (r/min), Weichai applied 25MPa detonation pressure, 2200bar common rail pressure, 65% booster efficiency, and 95% efficient SCR technology to this product for the first time, breaking the monopoly of industry giants in high-speed, heavy-duty diesel engine products.

The newly-launched WH620 dual-fuel engine for marine application is Weichai’s iconic alternative to energy products. The adoption of advanced electronic control technology enables flexible switchover between pure diesel and dual fuel modes.

Weichai CCFJ300J-WI electronic-controlled diesel generator units and WP10 series electronic-controlled marine diesel engine made their debut as well. The electronic-controlled fuel system used can accurately control the fuel injection quantity of the engines, ensuringtheir low fuel consumption, environmental protection feature, and economic efficiency, and laying a solid foundation for Weichai to be the first to achieve the Chinese emission standards(Phase II) for ships and airplanes.

Linde Hydraulics showed its six marine hydraulic systems, including high voltage switchgears, closed pumps, high pressure motors, and load-sensitivity multi-valve valves, all of which were also popular with customers from the maritime industry.

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