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"Manufactured by Weichai" praised by Indian media: the model of Modi government's "Make in India"



Recently, SHIG India joined ADITYA TECH, the well-known power generation equipment supplier of Gujarat, India,to hold a Weichai power generation product launch conference, focusing on promoting theultra-quiet generator sets developed by SHIG India. The event attracted many local government officials, dealerships and key customers.


SHIG India is the first piece of overseas experimental field of "Manufactured by Weichai". In 2011, Shandong Heavy Industries India Co., Ltd. was officially registered in New Delhi, India. In 2013, the construction project started.In November, 2014, the first engine rolled off the assembling line, which marked the first engine production base Weichai independently built was officially put into operation. Since then, SHIG India entered the fast lane of development. The first quarter of 2017 continued the growth momentum of the previous two years with a 40% increase compared with the same periods, achieving a "good start."

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