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Weichaiis written into the Xinhua News Agency commentsas a classic study case


Time is moving. The concerned 2017 "Two Sessions Time" is about to start.On February 23, Xinhua News Agency published a commentator article entitled "The bright answerfrom a moving China– comments onthe Two Sessions".

The comments used detailed data to point outWeichai's brilliant achievements: in the opening months of 2017, the equipment manufacturing companyWeichai Group ushered in a good start. Following the operating income increase by 25% in 2016, the consolidated revenue grew 107%, the profit grew 365%, and engine sales grew 140% in January of 2017.

Besides the list of Weichai'soutstanding achievements, the article also revealed the innovation and development path of the group.

Tan Xuguang, National People's Congress representative and Weichai Group Chairman, said: In the economic down ward environment, Weichai has achieveda "V"type reversal. One of the important reasons is that Weichai has always been preparing for arainy day by increasing R&D investment. Ultimately,Weichai relies on a series of high tech new products to win back the market.

"Plan before you move, and spur with long accumulation." It is a vivid portray of the development of China's development process. This is not only a high degree of recognition of Weichai's operational strategy, but also the best description of every Chinese equipment manufacturing enterprise just like Weichai for their contribution and fight to abeautiful China andthe Chinese dream.

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