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Weichai products shine at 2017 Eurasia Boat Show in Istanbul, Turkey


From February 11 to 19, 2017 Eurasia Boat Show took place in Istanbul,Turkey.Weichai displayed its WP3.9C, WD12C, WP13C, X6170ZC, WHM6160C, 8170ZC and CCFJ90J and marine propulsion and marine gen-set engines at the exhibition.

At the exhibition site, seven Weichai's star productsstood out from the competition

The power range of seven exhibited enginescovers 30 to 818hp

With high reliability, low fuel consumption, strong power, start fastand long maintenance interval, Weichai products have won the favor of many customers.

Weichai WHM6160 marine engine

Weichai WHM6160 marine engine is developed based on market demand and user commonly used conditions. With the high power reserve, wideeconomic operation range, high reliability, simple operation, easy use, easy maintenance and other characteristics, the engine has world's leading level reliability, vibration and noise performance. It is the ideal power for coastal and river fishing boats, and engineering boats.

Weichai WP13 marine engine

Weichai WP13 marine engine is developed based on the operating characteristics of ships, with new design concepts for the special optimization andenergy-saving environmental friendliness.With the compact structure, strong power, good economy and high reliability, the engine serves as the perfect power choice for river transportation, fishing and business boats.

Eurasia Boat Show has been held since 2007 in Istanbul, Turkey once a year. As Turkey's largest port city, Istanbul covers 75% of Turkey's international trade and is the Turkish economic center.

Since its participation in the exhibition in 2014, Weichai has established a large-scale spare part center warehouse in the local area, which covers North Africa, Europe and other markets, and further expandsWeichai product sales area.

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