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Bodouan debuts at 2017 Middle East Electricity Show


From February 14 to 16, the world's largest and most core professional power generation and power generation equipment exhibition - 2017 Middle East Electricity Exhibition opened in Dubai. The exhibition attracted more than 1,000 exhibitors and tens of thousands of visitors.

Weichai's high-end brand,Baudouin, debutsat the exhibition site along with internationally renowned enterprises.This is the first time for Baudouin to come on the stage of industry well-known exhibitions as a new independent brand.

A constant stream of customersvisited and negotiated at the Boudouan booth, expressing strong interest inBaudouin gen-set engines. A number of intention orders were made at the same time.

At the exhibition, Baudouin 6M11, 6M16, 6M21, 6M33, and 12M55 gen-set engines were shown.

The Baudouin engines have a displacement range of 4-65 liters, a power range of 30-2600 kW (138-3000kVA), high-level configuration, high fuel economy, easy start performance and high reliability. Compared with other competing products,

Baudou in engines have greater advantagesin fuel consumption, vibration, power and other areas.

Take Bodouan 12M55 as an example, it uses high-pressure common rail, direct injection, turbocharging and intercooling technologies, sets the rated power/speed at 2165 kW / 1800 r/min, and first applies the specifications of firing pressureof 25MPa, common rail pressureof 2200bar, turbocharger efficiencyof 65% and SCR efficiencyof 95% to the product, breaking themonopolyof big industry players, filling the gaps of Chinese manufacturers and reaching the international advanced level.

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