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First H platform product from Weichai: 1.8 million km / 30,000 hours to establish the highest national standard for high-speed heavy-duty engine life


Frist products of Weichai H platform --WP9H/WP10H debut

At the"State Key Laboratory of Engine Reliability and First Weichai H Platform Product Launch Conference"on April 27 at the Beijing Conference Center, WP9H and WP10H high-end enginesdebuted, setting up thehighest standard of 1.8 million km / 30,000 hours for high-speed heavy-duty engine life.

Reliable and durable - core needs of high-speed heavy-duty engine users

In Weichai’s opinions, durability and reliability are high-speed heavy-duty engine users' core needs.Improving engine reliability and durability performance can help users to reduce operating costs to the maximum extent.

At the conference site, trucks, cranes and bulldozers equipped with Weichai engines appeared one by one, demonstratingWeichai’s position as the supplier for all applications

Weichai engine’sreliability performanceis the industry first, which is accumulated through years of market experience.In order to ensure the high reliability of the product, Weichai has the industry's most rigorous development process andstricter durability evaluation indexes than the peers.During production,Weichai has strict and mature processing technology and the most stringent quality control network to eliminate potential failure from the beginning.In terms of the application, Weichai has accumulated decades of experience to build up a huge database to ensure a perfect match with the vehicles.

WP9H / WP10H: 1.8 million km/ 30,000 hours to establish the highest standard for high-speed heavy-duty engine life

FirstWeichaiH platform products --WP9H/WP10H will be the ideal power for trucks, buses, construction machineries, and gen-sets

As the newly developedglobally leading diesel engines, WP9H/WP10Hput the reliability of the product in the first placeduring the early design stage. Relying on the State Key Laboratory of Engine Reliability that stands for China's highest level of research and development of the internal combustion engine reliability,Weichai R&D engineers have defined the engine reliability level and engine life target based on market demandsand user operation conditions.Throughcombining high-precision virtual prototyping simulation technology with durability acceleration test, Weichai has done more than 45,000 hours of bench verification test. 300 vehicleshave been used for road durability testswhich accumulate more than 50 million kilometers! The ultimate 1.8 million kilometers / 30,000 hours have established the highest standard for high-speed heavy-duty engine life.

In addition, WP9H/WP10H is also very eye-catching in the perspective of power, economy, comfort and other performances. The power coverage is 290PS-400PS, limit power is 700PS, maximum torque is 1900Nm, specific torque is 200Nm/L, and limit torque is 2300Nm.The optimized combustion design usesthe mature four-valve technology and matching design of new combustion chamber and the airways.The fuel injection system that can reach 2000bar makes combustion more fully, while maintaining a lowest fuel consumption rate of 185g/(kWh).At the same time, through optimizing the matching of powertrain system, vehicle fuel consumption per 100 kilometers can be reduced by 2L!

Weichai H platform, as the platformof new generation technology, hasan engine life of 1.8 million km / 30,000 hours, not only raising the new standard ofChinese engine reliability, but also perfectly interpretingWeichai’sdifferential advantage of "reliability anddurablity".The platform will lead China-manufactured heavy-duty internal combustion engines into a new era and become an important milestone in the history of Chinese high-end high-speed engines.


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