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Weichai: brand integration leads to world ...


Weichai has already transformed from a national brand to an international brand. For the next step in the development process, we are going to continue enhancing brand capacity, so that the brand influence establishment becomes a new force forWeichai's development

  • Weichai Power tops the "Candid Shan...


    Promoting business integration through cultural integration not only enhanced the international business capacity of Weichai, but also showed Weichai's culture and brand spiritas the unique "Candid" manner of the new era

  • Thumbs up! Weichai Power wins the g...


    Weichai Power stood out from the well-known enterprises to win the "China Trademark Awards - Trademark Innovation Award", and ranked firstin the seven "Trademark Innovation Award" winning companies. Weichai is currently the only award-winning equipment manufacturing company in Shandong Province and also the first award-winning company in domestic engine industry

  • Weichai Power selected into MSCI em...


    The MSCI plan initially included 222 Chinese A shares.As a comprehensively strong A + H shareleading company, Weichai power was selected in the index list

  • The Brand Philosophy of Weichai: Cr...


    Through the two-wheel drive and innovation development, Weichai has formed a brand cluster consisting of Weichai engine (as the lead), Shacman heavy truck, Fast transmission, Handeaxle, Ferretti yacht, KION Forklift, Linde hydraulic part, Dematic, PSI and other brands. With brand cluster effect and brand awareness being significantly improved, Weichai brandsare fully being discovered by the world

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