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The value of innovation, from the "Chinese manufacturing" to "Chinese made"



Weichai Road, filled with a "creative" innovation "and create", core is to always focus on the value, and the value of continuous innovation.

Weichai innovation, reflected in all aspects of technology, product, marketing,management, showing the Weichai personality spirit.

Relying on innovation, Weichai practice from "China creation" to "Chinese made"national industry innovation. "Chinese creation" and "Chinese standard", became a Weichai characteristic "China made".

Chinese known as the "world factory", "Chinese manufacturing" products all over the world, but the low added value, lack of value innovation products, also let the ability of sustainable development China enterprises serious shortage. Once the "China manufacturing" a member of the Weichai, through innovative development thought, the development of ongoing investment, to achieve a successful transition from "Chinese manufacturing" to "transformation Chinese made".

This day, will be doomed to each they remember; this day, also destined to bewritten into the history of the development of China internal combustion engine.

In April 13, 2005, China first with independent intellectual property rights and meet the euro III emission standard is 10 liters, 12 liters of high power engine, a successful ignition. Two years of hard work, finally the dream. Be good at "making the impossible reality" Weichai, excited to open the champagne, the internal combustion engine to celebrate China's manufacturing began to independent innovation "China power time".

They put the machine named "lanqing". Lanqing come out, make the high price ofsimilar foreign products in the market China no competitive advantage.

The price is no longer a decisive factor in product competition, what is the role ofproduct value decision?. Lanqing success, marking the Weichai has established a relatively perfect system of independent research and development, also marks theWeichai to own product demand, from the previous price to value.

This change, from the "price" thinking "to the value of thinking" concepttransformation start. High power commercial vehicle engine is the crown jewel, far-reaching impact on the industry development, technical content is high, R & D is difficult, the price is high for a long time, over the years are foreign enterprisesdominate the high-end market. Once concentrated in the low-end market, Chinaenterprises, rely on the "price war" compete for the limited market share. Weichaidetermined not in low price products to consume energy, the high added value on the. The value of innovation, has become the biggest concern of weichai.

In 2003, with good quality and low price, Weichai Steyr engine market sales situation is very good, but Tan Xuguang decided to develop a large power enginewith independent intellectual property rights, up to the advanced world level. In Weichai the ability of scientific research, this is also a "almost impossible" to complete. Moreover, the development of new machine needs billions of funds, oncefail? Many people shook his head.

Tan Xuguang made a greatly surprised everyone decision: to global enginetechnology center of Europe set up R & D base, borrow, joint research and development. A team of Weichai Technology Center Director Tong Dehui led the 20 scientific research personnel, to Europe, and Austria AVL company set up R & D center. Since then, a total of more than 100 scientific research personnel graduallyWeichai was sent to Europe, is working, but also learning.

Joint R & D, let Weichai suffered a sweet fruit. Weichai Power competent scientific research chief executive Sun Shaojun, from Beihang University in 1988, mastercame to Weichai after graduation, has been the first master, 20 years, he had witnessed, experienced Weichai research from low to high development process.He said, before 2000 is the introduction, imitation, learning stage; from 2000 to2005 with the cooperation of foreign R & D stage; "La Qing", is completelyindependent innovation stage. Through R & D Lanqing this product, they get a "four": to build a research platform, brought out a fight by the research team, a set of advanced research and development process, has formed a set of strict development code.

This "four", and lay the Weichai "based China made".

In December 20, 2008, Weichai group held a business meeting, tworepresentatives of the world's advanced level of new models - 5 liter, 7 liter engineappearance. The two lasted 3 years successfully developed new models, fully meet Euro IV and Euro V emission standards, is the ideal electric buses, trucks,construction machinery, introduced the international most advanced development idea, application of many advanced patent technology. Moreover, application of energy conservation technology items, making it more suitable for modern society.The power switch is more fuel-efficient, diesel engine intelligent technology was developed in the control function on the basis of the driver, according to the different road condition, different loading, overloading, load, load selection inthree different power output mode, only need to gently struck oil switch, you can select the power of the diesel engine is the best. Plus rely on electronic controlled high-pressure common rail system advanced platform developed fuel-efficientthermostatic fan and oil cylinder off technology, a number of measures and use,engine fuel consumption reduced by 15%, a truck a year can save nearly 5000liters of diesel fuel.

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