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Special oil for Construction machinery CF-4:15W-40


CF-4 15W-40

Premium heavy-duty diesel engine oil, recommended for Weichai Power diesel engine which comply with China Ⅰ, China Ⅱ emission standard.

1.High TBN formulation enable neutralize acid comes from high-sulfur diesel fuel combustion, prevent bearing from corrosion;

2.Good antioxidant ability and thermal stability, meets the requirements of heavy-duty vehicles in long-term use;

3.Maintain clean and disperse deposits, ensure engine is as good as new one;

4.Good shear resistance and high temperature resistance, keep viscosity and oil pressure stable;

5.Outstanding performance under low ambient temperature, meets the need of mechanical engineering in wild field.


Standard: GB11122-2006

Anti-counterfeiting Hotline: 400 080 5315

Service Hotline: 400 188 9856


Safety and environmental protection warning: Avoid frequent or long-time skin contact with used oil. Wear impermeable gloves when dealing with used oil. In case of contact, flush immediately with water and soap. To protect the environment, please send the used oil to authorized used oil collection and process centers. Do not dump the used oil into the sewer, soil or water. Usage under normal conditions is harmless. Do not eat.

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