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M26 power product for diesel oil power generation




M26 series diesel engine originated from France Baudouin Company. The company has been the main supplier of France military diesel engine and engine sets, and is the wholly owned subsidiary of Weichai currently. Power for land-based diesel oil power generation, maintains great advantages excellent economy, high reliability and low noise; forms latest power of 400kW to 900kW land-based diesel oil power generation sets according to adaptive development, and adapts to the broader region and more difficult environment. Based on main engine for marine, the power for marine diesel oil power generation maintains the great advantages of high reliability and low noise according to adaptive development, and forms latest power of 400kW to 500kW marine diesel oil power generation sets.

The cylinder block adopts cast iron and lattice structure to enhance the strength of cylinder block; arrange observation window beside the engine body to replace connecting rod and connecting rod bearing more conveniently. The cylinder block adopts single cylinder head and reasonable design of cooling water chamber to cool the cylinder head more completely.
1. Lubrication system is designed by European top design team.
2. flow oil pump could support higher engine oil pressure (Rate point reaches 0.62MPa)
3. There is hand press engine oil pump installed on engine body, which could pre-lubricate the engine to reduce starting resistance
4. Bypass engine oil centrifugal filter improves quality of lubricating oil.

Engine Model



Cylinder No.








Power range(kW)



Rate speed range(r/min)


Lowest fuel consumption(g/kW·h)



Land based power generation is non-road stageⅡ, marine power generation is IMO tierⅡ

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